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Yay it's 2010!!

Mikey and I went over to Brett's cousin's house. Whitney and Owen were there too. Brett's cousin, Beth, lives out in the middle of freaking nowhere. In a place called Cow Island. We basically watched the ball drop, and just listened to music. Mikey and I got back to our place around 2:15 in the morning.

Mikey is working four doubles this week. He worked one yesterday, today, Saturday and Sunday. Ugh.

Speaking of ugh, since I was bored and alone last night, I went to eat at Olive Garden. I ate at the bar (woo!), and wouldn't you know Donna was there? (Donna is a manager, and THE reason why I quit Olive Garden in tears). So I sat behind the bar just talking to Mikey, whatev. Donna comes behind the bar, stands there for about five minutes and talks to Mikey, and completely ignores me. Like, wow. She still has a problem with me. The other manager working that night, Brett, hung around and talked me, no big deal. But Donna didn't even glance at me. Like I care, but yanno. Just thought that was weird. Ugh.

Also, Caroline is re-hired. Good for her. I want a big girl job. I'm trying to apply at Safespeed, the Speed Van place. Also at the courthouse (again), and the police and sheriff's department. And, one of the lawyer's office that I applied to five months ago, is looking for a person to work part time starting after the new year, so hopefully they'll call me back.

Anyway, I just wanted to make my first post of 2010.

I guess I've run out of stuff to say.

I am now Friends only!

From now on I'm...


Comment if you would like to be added. I'll be more than glad to friend you.

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